A german brand goes overseas.

Made by Pechkeks in Germany, the brutally honest biscuits have actually been around since 2013 and the original messages were written in German. By 2015, the brand began producing English versions and now the treats are finally entering the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Building a brand on social media.

The main focus of this product was to build a brand using instagram influencers and growth hacking via 9gag and reddit.


Influencer Marketing
Growth Hacking




May, 2016

Strategy for the international market.

Pechkeks grew revenues by more than 300% last year. The company is just a four-person team and may look to add staff.

Evolving in an online market.

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies has two new twists on gifts. If you don’t spend a great deal of time spelunking (that’s spending hours touring a cave)  then you may not often come across this kind of dark.
Not quite the level of darkness found in a black hole but we hope your starting to get the picture, these misfortune cookies are dark!
Obviously we are not trying to sugar coat just how dark the humor truly is; but it is also mercilessly funny. Actual black cookies, dark themed humor, even black packaging make misfortune cookies a traditional fortune cookies dark twin.

Thousands of possible clever sayings geared towards adults without crossing the line, still suitable for ages from tween and above. Recently at a large trade show in NYC we had a woman visit our booth and ask to try a cookie. We gladly let her select her own cookie from our display. She pulled the black slip of paper from her misfortune cookie and read her saying out loud: “Your teeth are so yellow that traffic slows when you smile.” She lightly laughed along with her colleagues and left with her head still shaking like a bobble head.

See how we elevated the brand to match its true quality.

Pechkek saw the misery, pain, and disappointment that normal, bland tasting fortune cookies bestowed upon the world and decided to find a solution to the problem.

Featuring over a thousand hilariously pessimistic and sarcastic messages, the carbon-dyed cookies have been a hit in Europe and Australia since 2013.

The goal is to take these edible "crude, truthful and direct glimpse[s] into the future" with a "sense of humor."

They're also the perfect gift for that person who "start[s] talking about skin cancer as soon as the first ray of spring sunshine peeks through the black clouds."

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We wanted the brand to seem authentic while we gave product sneak peaks and behind the scenes.

User Generated Content & Quotes

The brands instagram account posts primarily german content. Influencers and paid media campaigns help to reach an international audience.

We used a method called "unbranding" to make the brand more transparent and authentic.
The quotes give a sneak peak of what the customer can expect from the product.


Although the brand sells it's products primarily through brick and mortar stores their own onlineshop is an important destination for new customers.


Pechkeks grew revenues by more than 300% last year. The company is just a four-person team and may look to add staff.


Stores in Germany, UK and US


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Growth in revenue

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